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New MVP Formula! Check it out…

January 5, 2016

New MVP Formula on CricHQ

CricHQ has developed a new MVP formula in conjunction with the New Zealand Cricket Players’ Association (NZCPA) to improve the accuracy of the rating formula for all players across all formats of the game.

This week the new formula will be released and 
will replace the current MVP calculations across all CricHQ platforms – iOS App, Android App and

The new formula will shift away from players being awarded MVP points based on the criteria used in the English first class game. The previous formula that was used was licenced to CricHQ from the Cricket Players Association (England based players association).

The new formula recognises the format of the match and can quickly adapt to the situation of the game, rewarding players constantly through the game on events, as they happen.

This will ensure that all levels of cricket from International through to Junior Cricket will have a relevant rating system that fairly allocates points to players based on the game they are participating in.

Information on how the new formula will calculate can be found below.

CricHQ have completed in-depth analysis and studies to gain vital MVP knowledge. We have analysed historical data of all International and First Class fixtures and from 100,000 recreational cricket matches on CricHQ.

The basis of MVP points allocation is that 25 runs has the same value as 1 wicket, therefore; 1 wicket = 2.5 MVP points & 10 runs = 1 MVP point

Bowling Rules

Unassisted wicket (bowled/LBW/etc): 1 wicket = 2.5 MVP points. When the bowlers takes the wicket without the assistance of a fielder

Assisted wicket (caught/stumped/etc): 1 assisted wicket = 1.25 points to each participant, calculated on a 50/50 share of total MVP points available between bowler and catcher/stumper

Multiple wicket bonus: If the bowler gets more than one bowling wicket then they get a 10% bonus for every additional wicket. This is added on top of the bowler MVP points they already have.

Economy rate bonus: Bowlers are rewarded/penalised if their economy rates are lower/higher than their team’s economy rate.

Par score bonus: If a batsman is dismissed for less than their par score, the negative points earned are converted to positive and shared amongst the wicket taker (s).

Base: Sum of bowling MVP points without bonuses.

Total: Sum of bowling MVP points including and bonuses.

Fielding Rules

Unassisted wicket (run out): 1 wicket = 2.5 MVP points to the person effecting the run out without assistance from any other fielder

Assisted wicket 
(includes run out assist): 1 assisted wicket = 1.25 points to each participant, calculated on a 50/50 share of total MVP points available between the first 2 people (limit 2 participants)

Multiple wicket bonus: If the fielder gets more than one fielding wicket then they get a 10% bonus for every additional wicket. This is added to any fielding MVP points they already have.

Par score bonus: If a batsman is dismissed for less than their required par score, the negative points earned are converted to positive and shared amongst the wicket takers. (i.e. All the points can go to the fielder or split 50/50 with the bowler)

Base: Sum of fielding MVP points without bonuses.

Total: Sum of fielding MVP points including bonuses.

Batting Rules

Runs base: 25 runs = 2.5 MVP Points

Strike rate bonus: Batsmen are rewarded/penalised if their strike rates are higher/lower than their team’s strike rate.

Par score bonus: If a batsman scores higher than their batting positions “Par Score”, they attract a bonus on all runs scored thereafter.

Total: Sum of batting MVP points including bonuses.

Batsman Strike Rate and Par Score Bonuses

The MVP formula balances the importance of strike rates and advancing the game within shorter matches, with batting time and achieving above par scores in longer matches.

In a 50 over match both aspects are equally valuable with both attracting a 6% bonus, whilst a T20 match the SR bonus is 10% compared with a 2% bonus for par score.

Par Score Bonus

The below table provides indicative weightings to what each batting position contributes on average to the amount of total runs scored in an innings.

These averages vary slightly depending upon the match type being played.

An example would be if a team scores 300 runs the batsman at number 4 would normally has the opportunity to score 12% of the team’s runs (36).

CricHQ acquires Total Cricket Scorer

November 12, 2015
Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 2.08.18 pm


For Immediate Release

CricHQ acquires Total Cricket Scorer

Total Cricket Scorer (TCS) has long been acknowledged as pioneers of digital scoring through their laptop scoring software, used at Lords and other first class English venues, has been bought by New Zealand company CricHQ.

CricHQ is the leading digital platform for cricket worldwide used by over 47 cricketing nations for their central administration, CRM, competition management and talent identification. The CricHQ platform includes mobile and tablet scoring capabilities, and will now also be able to offer best of breed laptop based scoring.

“TCS has been the benchmark for electronic scoring for many years and has built a great reputation with their large community of loyal users. We are really excited to be able to integrate TCS into the CricHQ platform” says Simon Baker CEO of CricHQ.

TCS was founded in England by Paul Thurstance and Lee Marmara. The software package has been refined and improved upon since the release of the first version, with users having a lot of input into that evolution.

“It will be business as usual for TCS,” said Baker. “The company has a great product and a loyal following, and we are pleased that the founders will continue to be involved long term.”

Gus Mackay, CricHQ’s MD of Europe is already looking ahead. “With TCS & CricHQ joining forces it provides a compelling offering for the Counties & Leagues that already use a mixture of both technologies to manage their cricket.  We look forward to working with them all”.


For more information, please contact:

Gus Mackay


Mobile: 07739749899

CricHQ Secures US$10m Funding

June 16, 2015
CricHQ logo

Singapore / New Zealand, 16 June 2015 – CricHQ Ltd. (“CricHQ”) said today that it has secured up to US$10 million funding from Singapore-based private equity firm Tembusu Partners Pte. Ltd. (“Tembusu Partners”) to enhance its cricket digital platform and grow its global operations. Tembusu Partners manages over S$300 million (approximately US$223 million) and has a strong record in investing in high-growth enterprises. CricHQ will be the second investment by Tembusu Growth Fund III – which has a target size of S$150 million (approximately US$111 million). Forty-one of 106 national governing bodies for cricket have partnered with Wellington-based CricHQ to improve administration of the game in their jurisdictions from club level upwards. Cricket is the world’s second most popular sport, with an estimated global following of over three billion. Cricket administration previously consisted of paper-based, time-intensive methods of data collection. CricHQ aims to accomplish its mission of “Making Cricket Better” for cricket stakeholders through its digital platform which combines an integrated competition management, live scoring and Customer Relationship Management to solve the problem of data loss. Its crowd-sourced and independently-validated data collection process allows fans to receive the benefit of the biggest and broadest range of cricket in the world thanks to CricHQ, unlocking the value of cricket that was previously unaccessible. With Tembusu Partner’s investment, CricHQ will upgrade its platform to better serve clients and stakeholders, release exciting features for fans, expand geographically and attract talent. CricHQ will grow its global operations through senior appointments which are to be announced in India, United Kingdom, South Africa and Pakistan in the coming weeks. It will also expand its development, sales and marketing capabilities in India, showing further commitment to cricket’s biggest market. Mr. Simon Baker, founder and CEO of CricHQ, said: Tembusu’s investment enables CricHQ to expand significantly and achieve our growth targets. An institutional investment of this significance, and the support of shareholders and clients such as New Zealand Cricket, validates our global business strategy. CricHQ will benefit from Tembusu’s experience and network in Asia, and is based in Singapore – the ideal gateway to our key markets.” Mr. Andy Lim, founder and Chairman of Tembusu Partners, said: “Tembusu believes that CricHQ’s business model is highly scalable and has a huge opportunity to become the world’s leading online repository of cricket information. We are proud to partner CricHQ in its exciting growth journey.” Mr. Stephen Fleming, CricHQ Director and Ex-New Zealand Cricket Captain, said: “Brendon McCullum and I met Simon five years ago to discuss CricHQ and how it was “making cricket better”. It clicked with us both as a business and a means of giving back to the game that had given us so much. This investment from Tembusu Partners validates the early support shown to CricHQ by the 20 other high-profile cricketing names that also invested.” CricHQ’s early growth has been supported throughout by New Zealand government innovation and export entities. Tembusu Partners’ investment represents a significant milestone for those business support structures. Mr. Quentin Quin, General Manager Capital at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (“NZTE”), said: “NZTE has been working with CricHQ to fast track their international growth and we congratulate them on achieving this significant milestone. This deal is also significant for the New Zealand capital markets; put in perspective it represents 25 percent of all investment in early stage New Zealand companies, and 4.6 percent of investment into New Zealand privately held companies in the last financial year.” Mr. Imran Khwaja, president of Singapore Cricket Association and former Singapore international player, who sits on the Asian Cricket Council and International Cricket Council Executive Boards, said: “CricHQ has identified a critical need within the world’s second-largest sport, and has cleverly bridged the divide between technology and sports with its highly innovative products. With this funding, I believe CricHQ significantly influences how cricket is conducted and experienced today.” – End of Press Release – Issued on behalf of Tembusu Partners Pte Ltd and CricHQ Ltd by WeR1 Consultants Pte Ltd: CricHQ Contact Simon Baker, CEO Tel: +64 21 288 4228 Media Relations Contact: WeR1 Consultants Pte Ltd Ian Lau Tel: +65 6737 4844 Media collaterals can be accessed via:

NZTE visits CricHQ India

May 27, 2015
Kevin and Team

Consul General and Trade Commissioner Kevin McKenna visited CricHQ’s Indian hub in Kochi on Tuesday in a continuation of a partnership that has seen significant support provided by New Zealand governments Trade and Enterprise arm.

CricHQ has been well supported throughout by the various elements of government support structures for business growth, initially receiving early stage funding from Grow Wellington then MBIE to build it’s cricket content and administration platform.

This visit announced NZTE’s continued support of CricHQ – with a round of funding focused on growing it’s operations and marketing capacity in cricket’s beating heart, India..

The visit Jayadeep B, COO India, showed his now internationally renowned hospitality whilst introducing Kevin to our team. Kevin spoke warmly on the welcome he received, the Kerala delicacies he was served and the strong partnership between the New Zealand government and CricHQ.

CricHQ’s Startup Garage Presentation

July 15, 2014

crichq built in wellington CricHQ opened their doors last night to a room full of keen Wellington entrepreneurs as part of CreativeHQ’s Startup Garage: Open series. 

Set out to redefine how cricket is administered, shared, analysed and followed- Simon Baker and Jarred Sewell offered humorous and honest insights into their cricket social network thus far.

They’re making their footprint on the world, with 7 offices around the world targeting huge markets such as India, Sri Lanka and the UK. Such developments mirror their strong relationship with the International Cricket Council and a huge passion for the game. “One of our big points of difference is our data-driven crowd-sourced model as opposed to actually having to put bums in stadiums,” says Baker.

At a time when smartphones and touchscreens were making an appearance, founder Baker and fellow cricketer Sewell were well aware of the difficulties of manual scoring. CricHQ’s original business plan was to “make scoring cool by opening it up to a whole bunch of new scorers and look to monetize that somehow using social media and bring it into the digital world.” 

They found a massive opportunity within cricket due to the enormous amount of data used and a market that was currently very commercially and technologically underdeveloped. Baker put this down to the traditional nature of the game.  “One of the things we found was that everyone that was administering the sport was doing it really paper-based. There was a huge opportunity to provide a cloud-based data-driven platform.” 

He says to get people on board and break traditional habits; you need to give them benefits. “Users can share scores with friends and relatives. Grandma and granddad can watch the stats live if they live down in Nelson and the game is here in Wellington.” CricHQ is honing in on that grass-roots level niche area, not just the top level of the game. 

“From a startup point of view, it’s always been important to us to be generating revenue,” says Baker. This has not been without excitement though. Baker and Sewell entertained with “highlights” from their cross-cultural ventures and some of the challenges that come with expanding the venture overseas. 

Baker says the key to a small New Zealand company with a handful of people raising market awareness on the world stage is by working with key strategic partnerships. CricHQ has utilized the likes of Nokia and Samsung by “providing them with unique content and receiving brand awareness in return.” Sewell spoke of executing clever marketing plans on tight budgets before the pair answered over a dozen questions to a room of eager hand-raisers. 

Source: Built In Wellington

CricHQ expands India executive team

June 30, 2014

App 512 x 512CricHQ, a cricket technology company is on an expansion spree. The company, which is looking at expanding its executive team in India has appointed Karthik Ramanujam as director of digital sales and marketing for the India market.

Ramanujam brings with him over 16 years of experience in ad sales, content and digital marketing, with earlier stints at NDTV Media, Sony Entertainment Television, Ten Sports, Vdopia and Qyuki Digital Media. In his current role, he will support global sales and user acquisition for CricHQ’s online and mobile platforms.

CricHQ CEO Simon Baker said, “We are very bullish about the Indian market opportunity and are building a strong team here to take full advantage of this opportunity. Karthik’s appointment is a significant boost for CricHQ’s India operations and it also sets the stage for more senior level hires in the near future.”

The company plans to hire 15 professionals for its corporate office in Bangalore in the next few months, which are in addition to over 70 professionals currently employed in India. CricHQ currently has presence in Chennai and Kochi. The Chennai office has 50 employees engaged in product development and data capture and analysis; whereas the Kochi office focuses on CricHQ’s global operations. The company aims to expand its India head count to over 400 employees in the next three years.


CricHQ launches online hub for cricket matches

May 29, 2014

CricHQ Match Centre CricHQ ( has just made it easier for cricket fans to keep an eye on the performances of their favourite teams and players around the world with the launch of the CricHQ Match Centre.

Chief Innovations Officer Jason Wells said the new online match hub provided coverage of all in progress matches being scored via the CricHQ platform, as well as upcoming and completed fixtures.

“Our new match centre provides followers of the game with a one-stop shop for information about the matches being played in backyards, schools, clubs and stadiums around the globe,” he said. “It’s easy to navigate to check in on the cricket matches that matter to you.”

The match centre provides a snapshot of information about each game, including the teams, the competition, the main scoring details and commentary of the most recent delivery for ‘in progress’ matches.

Users can filter by cricket level, location and date and the search functionality mines information relating to players, officials, teams, clubs, competitions and grounds.

Mr Wells said the revamped match centre functionality was only available on the desktop version of CricHQ for now, but would soon be released on the Wellington-based technology company’s mobile apps too.

To check out the CricHQ match centre, click here.



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